Tourney name:   "Translated pieces in twins".
Type of tourney: formal. Open for all.
Theme:  In a mat position there are white and/or  black pieces that are translated into twins.
In the 1st example, the black thematic pieces Kd5 and Bc2 move to e4 and d3.  In the final position of b, the Bd3 and Ke4 are translated on b3 and c4. See diagram.  All thematic pieces must move.  I recommend H#2-n and series-movers.   Fairy pieces allowed: Princess, Querquisite, CT and Squirell. Fairy conditions  allowed: Color Chess and TPIO Chess.  Zeroposition is not allowed.  
Judge:  Dan-Constantin Gurgui.
Closing date: August 15th, 2020.  The award will be published in february 15th 2021 (Andrei Ghileas birthday).
Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui  via  e-mails

          Registered problems:
Section A (without fairies pieces):
1. Kg6/Kc6 (3+2) Ser-h#3 August 18th
2. Kd7/Ka1 (4+4) Ser-h#4 August 18th
3. Kg1/Kd4 (2+3) H#5  August 23rd 
4. Kc1/Kf3 (3+6) H#3.5 September 12nd
5. Ka1/Kg8 (2+4) H#2 January 22nd 2020
6. Kf1/Ke5 (5+9) H#2 January 25th 2020
7. Ka7/Kd4 (5+5) H#2 January 27th 2020
8. Kg8/Ke5 (4+5) H#2 January 28th 2020
9. Ka8/Kf5 (4+7) H#2 January 28th 2020
10.Ka5/Kd5 (3+2) H#4.5  February 6th 2020
11.Ka1/Kf1 (3+2) H#2 April 11st  2020
12.Ka1/Ke5 (5+1) H#2 April 15th  2020
13.Kg6/Ke4 (3+3) H#3 April 24th  2020
Section B (with fairies pieces):
1. Kd8/Ke5 (4+3)  with PR  H#2 September 8th
2. Kc6/Ke5 (2+3)  with QQ  H#3 April 24th 2020
3. Ke4/Kf6 (2+3)  with Color Chess  H#3 April 24th 2020
1st Example for H#2:
In the 2nd example, the black thematic pieces Kd6 and Pd7 move to e6 and d6. In the final position of b, the Ke6 and bPd6 are translated on e5 and d5.
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Informal Thematic Championship Cup of Bucovina 5th Edition 2020

Sections: #2, H#2, Fairies with Color Chess and Ser-r#/=n.
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Closing date: December 22nd 2020.
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Color Chess diagram type I & type II
Cup of Bucovina 
6th Edition 2021
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          Informal Thematic Tourney
"Arthur Willmott Cup"  1st Edition 2020
Sections: #2, H#2-n, Fairies with Dark Side, Series Movers
Judge: Dan-Constantin Gurgui (Romania)
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Closing date: December 22nd, 2020

"Arthur Willmott Cup "
1st Edition 2020
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"Arthur Willmott - 100"
Memorial Tourney 2021
Sections: #2, H#2, Fairies with Dark Side, Series Movers
Judge: Dan-Constantin Gurgui (Romania)
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Closing date: December 22nd, 2021

Section A Fairies  all genres with Dolphin (DO). Free theme.
Section B Fairies  all genres  with pieces Dolphin (DO)  & Locust (L),
Kangaroo (KA),  Zebra (Z), Antelope (AN), Gnu (GN), Camel (CA),
Giraffe (GI)  and condition SENTINELLES.  Free theme.
Judge: Dan-Constantin Gurgui (Romania)
Send problems to:
Closing date:  November 24nd, 2020.

"Gabriel Nedeianu - 60" Jubilee Tourney 2020

"Gabriel Nedeianu - 60"
Jubilee Tourney  2020
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Section A:
Section B: