6th Thematic tourney   "The Return of the King"    H#2-n   

Tourney name:   "The Return of the King".
Type of tourney: formal.   Open for all problemists.  
No more than three problems per author.
Stipulation: H#2-n.
Theme: black or white has at least two pieces that return to the starting square.
To make  the theme will be used  "in mate position".
Fairy pieces are allowed.
Fairy conditions and Zeroposition  are not allowed.
Judge:  Dan-Constantin Gurgui.
Closing date:  May 30th 2020. For this TT the number and quality of problems is low.
The deadline shall be extended until  August 1st  2019.
Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via chat, send a  jpg or olv file with the diagram.
The problems will be verified  with the Olive v.0.16.3 http://www.yacpdb.org/#static/olive. 
Award will be published on the website.
Please reprint!

        Registered problems:
1.Kc1/Ke7 (8+8) February 16th 2019
2.Kd2/Kf4 (3+7) March 13rd 2019
3.Ka8/Kc4 (6+7) March 13rd 2019
4.Ka1/Ke5 (7+7) April 11st 2019

e4 e5 &
Curierul Problemistic