9th Thematic Tourney   "Queen=Pawn"       H#2-n   

Tourney name:   "Queen=Pawn".
Type of tourney: formal. Open for all problemists.
Stipulation: H#2
Theme: Imisli theme: black Queen which place of seven rank imitates pawn moves. A Queen put on d7 should play to d6,d5,c6 and e6.
Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed. Zeroposition is not allowed.
Judge:  Dan-Constantin Gurgui.
Closing date: May 30th 2020.
Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via chat, send a  jpg or olv file with the diagram.
The problems will be verified  with the Olive v.0.16.3 http://www.yacpdb.org/#static/olive. 
Award will be published on the website.
Please reprint!

      Registered problems:
1. Kh6/Kf6 (2+12) April 5th 2019
2. Kh6/Kd4 (6+10) April 17th 2019
3. Kh3/Kg1 (10+5) January 30th 2020

e4 e5 &
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