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Curierul Problemistic
Section A Fairies  all genres with Dolphin (DO). Free theme.
Section B Fairies  all genres  with Dolphin (DO)  & one or more of the
following pieces: Grasshopper (G), Locust (L),
Kangaroo (KA),  Zebra (Z), Antelope (AN), Gnu (GN), Camel (CA),
Giraffe (GI)  and condition SENTINELLES.  Free theme.
Judge: Dan-Constantin Gurgui (Romania)
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Closing date:  November 24th, 2020.

"Gabriel Nedeianu - 60" Jubilee Tourney 2020

"Gabriel Nedeianu - 60"
Jubilee Tourney  2020
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          Registered problems:
Section A:
1.Ka1/Kc2 (4+2) a)HS#3 b) H=3 on July 11st
2.Kf7/Kd2 (4+2) a)HS#3 H#5 on July 14th
3.Ke8/Kc4 (4+2) H#3.5 on July 14th
4.Kh8/Ke7 (3+3) H#5 on July 15th
5.Ke6/Kc5 (5+1) H#4.5 on July 19th
6.Ke4/Kc6 (4+10) H#3 on August 11st
7.Kc2/Kc4 (6+4) H#3 on August 20th
8.Kh1/Ke4 (4+7) H#3.5 on August 23rd
9.Kh7/Ke4 (4+6) H#4 on August 23rd
10.Kh1/Kf5 (4+4) H#3 on August 26th

G308 (solution) - Gabriel Nedeianu (Romania)
*1... ... 2.g3 DOg4 3.GNh4[+bPf5] DOxe6[+wPg4]#
1...Kg1 2.GNg8[+bPf5] Kf2 3.Kh2[+bPh3] DOh8#

Sentinelles  - On moving, a piece leaves behind a Pawn of its own color on its departure square.
The rule does not apply to Pawns, or to pieces moving from the 1st or 8th rank, nor does it apply if there are eight Pawns of that color already on the board.
Dolphin - Kangaroo+Grasshopper.
Grasshopper - Moves along Queen-lines over another unit of either color to the square immediately beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.
Kangaroo  - Moves like a Grasshopper but jumps over two units of either color to the square immediately beyond the second unit.
Gnu - 1:3+1:2 -  hopper.
          Registered problems:
Section B (with SENTINELLES condition) :
1.Ka1/Kc2 (4+2) a)H=3 b) H#2 DO on July 11st
2.Ka1/Kc2 (6+5) H=3 DO & KA on July 11st
3.Ka1/Kc2 (4+2) H=3 DO on July 11st
4.Ke5/Kd3 (4+2) H#3 DO & L on July 27th
5.Ke4/Kh4 (2+2) HS#4 DO & GN on July 27th
6.K?/Kb3 (1+1) H=5 DO on July 27th
7.Ke5/Kf3 (2+3) H#3 DO & GN on July 27th
8.Kg8/Ke3 (2+2) Ser-r=5 DO & GN on July 27th
9.Kf4/Kd5 (3+8) H#2.5 DO on August 19th
10.Kd3/K35 (2+3) H#2.5 DO on August 20th
11.Kd34/Ka1 (2+1) H#2 DO on August 23rd
12.Kd3/Ke8 (2+1) H#2 DO on August 23rd
13.Kh1/Kd8 (3+3) H#3 DO  & CA August 27th
14.Ke3/ke7 (3+3) H#1.5 DO & CA August 27th
15.Kh1/Ke8 (4+4) H#1.5 DO & CA August 27th
16.Kf1/Kg7 (3+4) HS#5 DO & SQ August 27th
17.Kg1/Kf8 (2+3) HS#5 DO & SQ August 27th
18.Kg1/Kf8 (2+2) H=4.5 DO & SQ August 27th

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